Want to know…

What’s this all about…
There is so much around us to experience, and I believe, if we open our eyes we can be inspired in one way or another everyday to live a colorful life. Whether it be through travels, giving back, an art exhibit, a book, a conversation, fashion or even a color, it’s there for us to take part in. Everyday I hope to be inspired and to inspire those around me to develop a beautiful, fun, and active lifestyle within our means, for ourselves and the community that surrounds us.
About me…
My friends and family will  often say my thoughts are exhausting, and I couldn’t agree more (sometimes it’s a lovely excuse not to workout ). But I have always tried my hardest not to just let a thought be a thought, or a dream be a dream. I want to make them a reality. I’m afraid this will never change about me. And even though I often get caught up in a new project, style, business, or activity. What matters most to me is the, over all, am I happy and do I make others happy.

When the point came to decide my career path, like everything else, I wanted to do it all. I applied to the Hotel Restaurant Management Program but after my first semester and numerous guest speakers I realized I needed an outlet for my creativity. Apparel Design was my answer. After college, and before I stepped into the real world, I decided, I needed to do a road trip around the US, before I settle into a career. That road trip was the best decision I ever made. New York City was our first stop. And for the first time I saw Manhattan as a possible home for myself.

As a beach and nature girl at heart I was shocked that soon after my return home I moved to New York City with the opportunity to work for Elie Tahari. I gained a lot of experience there and learned a lot of life lessons while working in Design, and also as the Colorist, and  Fit Model. Six years later New York City is still my home, but Elie Tahari is no longer what I put my blood, sweat, and tears into.

In the end, I realized that I was not fulfilling my true desire to inspire, create, and help others. And so life did what it does best and gave me the opportunity for a new adventure!

This is what has brought me to you…

I am embracing life and all the little things. And as I do that I wanted to share it with all of you.


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