Markets & Bazaars

imageIn my travel reading I came across many recommendations to check out the markets of Chiang Mai, and they did not disappoint.
The bearable evening temperatures of northern Thailand made it enjoyable to explore our city surroundings. And we were lucky to discover the Sunday night market our first night in the new city.
So many colorful handcrafted souvenirs, I wanted them all! But I know all to well , that  these intoxicating markets of great bargains, small gifts, and memorable trinkets add up to not enough room in your backpack and a lot of “why did I buy this” kind of questions.image
We decided to take “it’s the thought that counts” to another level, and photograph what we would have bought our friends and family on the trip, instead of actually doing so.
imageThis photo is for my niece. I thought of you. I would have bought this for you, but I didn’t.
We definitely indulged in the market food! Always room for good eats!
Love the hustle and energy of the markets!

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