One Fine Day in Thailand

imageA day of beauty, side shows, and talent. I didn’t know what to expect even with the straight forward itinerary in front of me. That might be due the fact that the itinerary was written in Hebrew. Who would have thought, Thailand is where I would end up traveling with large group of Israel adventurist. Being surrounded by two strong cultures i knew would make for a very interesting and enthusiasm tour! image
Day one started with a quick stop to the butterfly and orchid farm, which made for a great introduction to the scene outside the city gates.
imageThe trip then took a quick turn into side show stunts, at the cobra show! As these local trainers teased, kissed, and wrestled every venomous snake roaming Thailand, we sat and starred in amazement. Occasionally I felt the need to jump up out of my front row seat. These were the moments that I doubted my confidence in just how much control these crazy men were of the snakes. Thinking back, it’s amazing how much trust is put into the local talent. Sitting only a few feet away from danger you have to think, “what if it’s this guys first day on the job!”
Next stop, Elephants! There is a lot of mixed feelings about any animal shows (including the Cobras)…are they taken care of?are they happy?where is the money going? Just do as much research as you can and see what you feel comfortable with. My experience was pleasant. The elephants up close were amazing! And recently after doing some reading of my own, about them Elephants, I have placed them in my top five favorite animals! Did you know … that elephants grieve like humans. They can even shed a tear!
The performance by the elephants was a little unsettling but their talents were impressive especially the soccer skills. As they mention this particular company sells the elephants paintings to raise money for their care and I was excited to come across those painting being sold,  at a market in Sydney, Australia.
I got to experience a very uncomfortable, very authentic OX cart ride.
The day ended with white water rafting! Which despite the cold water temper urges, was a thrilling way to end the day! image

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