The Variety Show

It’s true what they say about Thailand, it’s easy to travel, cheap, and when you ask for mild spice be prepared for atomic. Travel agents are usually a one stop shop for all the attractions you will want to see in the area. Just go to a recommended source and get yourself a good deal. Botta Bing Botta Boom! imageWe decided to jump on a all day tour in Krabi to see the variation of attractions that southwest Thailand had to offer. imageimageJames Bond Island. Or Khao Phing Kan as you could also call it. People roll in on long tail boats and speed boats to get a peek and play out the scene from The Man With The Golden Gun. Because there are only so many pictures you can take of a big rock or of yourself, I ended up (as usual) capturing the interesting tourists that walked amongst me. imageimageFloating Island. This is where we stopped for our lunch. While most of the tour took this time to sit and try to cool down under the fans or do a little shopping. I made it a point to devour my lunch and use the remaining time to explore how people might live in city made on stilts. This, to me, was my favorite part of the tour. Of course the part that wasn’t included and it was absolutely fascinating. imageMonkey Temple. Wild monkeys run amok around the cave. If your dream is to have monkeys crawl on you and to eat out of your hand then get yourself some bananas cause this is the place for you.That was never a dream of mine. Unless we’re talking Orangoutangs. imageI found the Temple inside the cave to be enchanting. The many buddhas and the resident monk was a beautiful distraction from the outside chaos. A local showed me how to receive my prophecy and informed me if it’s not to my liking I may leave it at the temple. That’s not a bad deal. imageBetween the cave, monkeys, and beautiful gold statues I felt like my James Bond tour had turned into and Indiana Jones attraction.imageWaterfall. Last stop. A park with a narrow waterfall and ample pools. Locals were enjoying a evening swim with friends and families. Making for a good end to a long day of sights.
Now for another massage…


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