Bamboo Tattoo

imageIn Thailand tattoo shops are as common as Starbucks and fortunately the price for a small tat is not far off from a grande! Making it very hard for my friend not to get yet anotherone. With five tattoos she is experienced and as she says “addicted to the pain, pleasure, and bad ass persona”. But what pushed her and I to give it a go was the original art of tattoo by bamboo!
imageAfter watching several individuals embrace the tradition of the hand chiseled bamboo, it only took my friend a day to know what she would get. By the next town we were shopping around for a clean, friendly, and talented tattoo artist. Family Tattoo in Krabi, Thailand would be that place. A friendly Dutchman sold us on the establishment. He was returning from Holland to Family Tattoo for more and this time with his son for his first. imageimageimageWatching the procedure was fascinating. The bamboo is shaved down and several clean needles are secured to the end. Then it’s all up to the pressure a d talent of the artist’s steady hand. The recovery of tattoo by bamboo is shorter, exposure to sun and salt water is of no concern, just no pool or scrubbing. imageimageI knew if i didn’t decide to get my one and only tattoo in Thailand, I never would. It wasn’t until our last days in Pai, Thailand that I was ready to get stamped with the simple design that had floated in my thoughts for sometime. A representation of my loved ones, equality, balance, motivation, and being open minded. To me his 1×1 cm says a lot in a very simple way and I couldn’t be happier with my thailand bamboo tattoo!image
Thank you Korn Tattoo for my first tattoo!


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