Four Corners of Railay

imageIt’s so often said, “I wish I would have spent more time at Railay”. A small peninsula floating off the south west corner of Thailand, Railay is an easy to get to getaway. The peninsula splits down the middle, west side resorts and the east side backpackers. Only a ten minute walk from one side to the other provides you with the best of both worlds.
Through the jungle, passed the monkeys, and around the big rocks, I was lucky to see one of the most beautiful beaches thus far. Once the tourists left on the many boats that came in for an afternoon swim, the beach became ours and was a thrill to explore.
This non religious shrine to a princess goddess who has been know to live there has given sailors luck as the head to sea. In return, gifts are given in the form of lingams. It is believed that lingams will create fertility and prosperity to the whole earth and mankind. You do not need to bow to the her 😉
Sunsets just don’t do bad photos, and the west side of Railay only proved that point. Every night the beach filled with travelers drinking a island cocktail, having an evening picnic, or playing some pastime games with the family. image
Once the sun goes down head to the party side, the cheap side, the backpackers …east side. Our nights entertainment was filled with impressive live music including covers from todays top artist! Most impressive, the local artists lose their accents as soon as the mic turns on. Next act, fire acrobats, as they threw, spun, tossed anything they could light on fire, you could wonder how these professionals got their start. Well, it’s only a hobby for them, and for some just something to try out. As they pulled in innocent bystanders to become part of their thrilling and dangerous tricks, I hid behind my camera. While blazes of fire whizzed passed my friends face she glistened in sweat from the heat and nerves.image


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