Noted With Thanks

imageOver the past several months I’ve experienced all types of celebrations and traditions but for me nothing beats Thanksgiving and all it has come to represent. This year I will be missing out on my families traditions, to live out a dream I have had to travel the world. And I am grateful, I am grateful to have this time to realize even more what I love about home, family, and friends. I might be far away, but over the last few months I have come to understand those I am close to and truly love, more than I ever had before. It hasn’t been the phone cards and wifi that have given me this chance, but the time I am without them. Whether it be alone, talking with a new friend, or just a lesson from observing a complete stranger, I found myself reflecting on who and what I have in my life. Stepping away from home has given me a chance not only to understand, but identify what I am thankful for.

I could tell you that in my travels I have met many people with far less than you and you should be thankful for what you have. And although it is true we have heard it all before. There is no comparison. Life brings different things to different people. With one thing we all have in common, there is always something to appreciate and be thankful for. No matter how faint it is, it is there, and that flicker will become a flame if you feed it. Grateful things come to grateful people.

So as I sit in Bali, ten thousand miles away from home, I know I won’t have all the trimmings I love about thanksgiving (autumn air, loud family, sweaters, tv in the distance, cuddling up on the couch) but the one tradition I will always have, from anywhere in the world, is the simplicity of giving thanks…I am thankful to all of you who give me love, support, and inspire me each and everyday!


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